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The most vicious blow job ever!

Saturday, January 20th, 2007

street whores

Real whores sucking REAL dicks - movies!

One warm and beatiful night I was in a mood to fuck a street whore so I hopped in my Ferrary (could’ve been the BMW or the Porshe) and drove downtown to get me a nuce cute girl to suck my dick for 25 bucks.

After ten minutes of driving around I picked a decent looking girl, and drove to a nice quiet place for a nice blowjob. Well, the blowjob turned out to be quite a unique experiense. The girl didn’t simply put my dick in her mouth, she attacked my dick, she attacked like a hungry doberman would attack a Polish sausage.

Needles to say at first I was taken abck, I was like ‘what the fuck, is she going to eat my cock?’, but after a while I relaxed and started really enjoying it. Up untill that day I never knew that would like it when a girl goes really rough on me, but I most certainly did. Not to mention that the blowjob had a very good ending, the babe not only swallowed every little drop of my cum, she kept my dick in her mouth for a minute or two, and then slowly licked it clean. Boy, that was a very very good day for Uncle Pussy.

My friend and I fuck two babes at the same time

Wednesday, January 3rd, 2007

street whores


One sunny day my friend and I had couple of drikns, and we started talking about chicks, fuck, blow jobs, ass-fucking, which made me really horny, and I told him that we should go and get us some girls from the street and fuck them, after all it’s not that expensive wghen you think about it, if you get yourself a cick in the usual way, you’ll have to take her out one or two times before you even get a kiss, nevermind a juicy blowjob.

Well, we went yuot and soon enough we spotted two babes standing there, talking to each other, we asked if they’d like to join us, picked them up, and went to my friend’s place, I took the hotter shick to a room, and my friend since he was quite drunk didn’t protest at all, I took her to the room, and pulled my jeans down, stuck my dick in her mouth, and let her suck me nice and slow. Since I was very horny we were done in may be 10 minutes or less.

After I was done, we went to the dining room, where my frined was still fucking the other girl on the single bed that was there. The whore that I fucked and I sat there on the sofa, and started drinking whisky and soda, the funny thing was that my friend and the other girl continued fucking like we weren’t even there, and ‘my’ girl and I were talking in a low voices like we were attending a funeral, ok may be it’s not that funny now but as they say ‘you had to be there’. Another funny thing was that the girl was on top of my frined and she was riding him, meanwhile he was trying to stick his finger up her ass, and she was removing his hand as soon as he started touching her there, and all this was happening in somhow slow motion, because as I said my friend was quite pissed. Well about half an hour or so later my friend finally managed to cum, and this is how this story ends.

Uncle Pussy